Momentum Festival with Brandon Idol, September 29, 2012

Volunteer for the Momentum Festival

Our Volunteer Philosophy

We're Volunteer Friendly

Volunteers should do what they are happily willing to do. We don’t add expectations after somebody volunteers. There are always more opportunities, so if somebody wants to take on more, that’s great. But it’s ALWAYS OKAY for a volunteer to say “No” to a new or expanding commitment. It’s all good.

Momentum Festival volunteers can feel safe that they aren’t getting sucked in to an escalating commitment.

We are building a team that will carry from year to year, and we explicitly want volunteers to be happy with their levels of involvement. That way they are more likely to help the next year. We want somebody to say yes only to the level of commitment they are happily willing to do.

Have Fun While Doing Good for the World

We have opportunities for everything from short-term volunteers to committee chairs, from ticket takers to “management.”

The committees include:

  • Event Committee
  • Roadie Crew
  • Party/Decorating Committee
  • Show Committee
  • Sponsorship Committee
  • Donations Committee
  • Marketing/PR Committee
  • Audio/Visual Committee

Want to volunteer? Send us an e-mail.

Include Your Event

We're looking for new shows and events...big or small.

Happy Momentum Festival Volunteers

How's this for a bunch of happy volunteers? They were just working away at some happy volunteer work when they all looked up at the same time with big smiles, and a camera was there to capture the moment. It happens all the time.


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